Nimmo Bay Wilderness Lodge

Nimmo Bay Resort was incorporated in October of 1980. The lodge was purchased as an old float house on a new float, and was towed to Port McNeill from Scott Cove on Gilford Island. The rebuilding of the lodge started in the winter of 1980 and was completed on April 28th, 1981, and towed into Nimmo Bay on the mainland of BC, on May 1st, 1981. Our first guests arrived in June of the same year.
From the beginning, we had the environment in mind. We planned and installed a hydroelectric system, powered by a Pelton wheel within one of the nearby waterfalls. On May 27th, the first light bulb flashed on and the sound of clean power was heard in Nimmo Bay. Today the Pelton wheel still operates efficiently and provides power for 9 months of the year, through the snow melt and rain water from Mount Stephens.
Our original capacity was designed for eight guests, and since our opening year we’ve grown to accommodate up to 18 visitors. We now have nine private inter-tidal chalets and room for several boats and our A Star helicopters. Fishing was initially the root of our programs, but we have expanded into a full wilderness adventure resort with a host of other activities such as, whale watching, heli-hiking, beachcombing, kayaking, paddle boarding, glacier trekking, wild life viewing, and much more. We now travel from sea level to 13,000’ throughout 50,000 sq. miles of coastal and mountain wilderness, going where no one has gone before and discovering rivers filled with beautiful wild salmon, trout, and Steelhead. We also have adventure packages that don’t require the use of helicopters, ideal for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground.
Nimmo Bay has always been a family business. Craig and Deborah Murray had the vision 35 years ago and all of the Murray children have been involved in the operation and development of Nimmo Bay. Fraser, Georgia and Clifton (along with guidance from their parents) are now apart of a newer Nimmo Bay, and their youthful enthusiasm and innovative ideas bring forth necessary changes, keeping things fresh and wonderful while maintaining a firm grasp on our heritage. Fraser is now the General Manager and head of operations at the resort along with his wonderful wife Becky. Georgia is in charge of our Reservations and Guest Services and cousin Jenny is taking care of our Social Media and Agent Relations. Craig and Deborah continue to provide back up where necessary and are extremely proud of the job their family is doing with Nimmo Bay and its guests.
We treat everyone equally at Nimmo Bay, and that’s the secret to our success. We invite you to join our family in Nimmo Bay. We think you’ll enjoy the natural experience.

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